Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One year on Pluto is longer than the history of the U. S.

We all have a vague notion that it takes Pluto a very long time to orbit the sun. However, it's difficult to visualize and even more difficult to relate. After all, if one year on Pluto is much longer than my lifespan, then it becomes harder to wrap my brain around it.

This excellent article on Vox maps the orbit of Pluto to United States history. At various points in Pluto's orbit, the graphic shows what's happened in U. S. history, thus making the data quite accessible - at least for Americans.

It's interesting to note that the last time Pluto was at this point in its yearly travels, the U. S. didn't exist (formally). Additionally, we hadn't invented the light bulb, the telephone nor made use of electricity.

This summer (2015) a probe named "New Horizons" will be visiting the planet - all in the span of one Plutonian year. Not bad.

Click here to see the article and give it a read. It's worth your time.

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